10 reasons you should fund the Hero-U Kickstarter

I've already gone through why I reckon Quest for Glory, developed by Lori and Corey Cole, is so amazing. However, that mainly dealt with the past, now I'm going to talk about the future. The future is the Kickstarter that has only 6 days left to raise $400,000. So far almost $250,000 has been raised but it would be awesome if the project could receive more backers. However, those who aren't already Quest for Glory fans may be a bit hesitant to contribute so here are my 10 reasons why you should.

1. You are a Sierra adventure game fan

Actually if you're a fan you've probably already supported the game already - however some might say well, I like game X but I don't like game Y - and if you feel strongly against supporting Hero-U that's up to you. However consider this: The more ex-Sierra game developers that can back into business the more publishers nowadays will sit up and notice. Adventure gaming will always have a market.

2. You hate linear games

Would you believe that the first Quest for Glory that came in 1989 accommodated for a branching storyline, multiple ways to solve puzzles (depending on your class) and the ability to import your save game into the next chapter in the series? It took me two decades to find a game that was a worthy successor to Quest for Glory and that would be the Mass Effect series which happens to also have all those attributes (except solving puzzles is actually rather easy in Mass Effect and often involves a nuke cannon). Hero-U will be as non-linear as they come. In this post, it's mentioned that

"...no two players are likely to see the exact same story..."

and that

"...the people who write walkthroughs for games are going to have a hard time with Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. The players on the other hand, may find themselves playing the game over and over, trying to see what changes when they take a different attitude."

3. You enjoy adventure/RPG hybrids

Hero-U promises to combine role-playing, puzzles, an immersive story and rich character interactions, just as they did in the Quest for Glory games. There will be two general paths you can take in the game in either becoming a rogue hero or a member of the Thieves Guild.

4. You like to take your time and plan your moves using tactical turn-based combat

Tired of the mind numbing button mashing of games like Diablo? Prefer games like X-COM: Enemy Unknown where you get time to think and plan your moves? Then Hero-U maybe just for you. Just like X-COM: Enemy Unknown and many other older RPGs and tactical strategy games, Hero-U will feature action points for its combat system and you'll have different types of attacks to choose from.

5. You like your characters to have unique personalities

Characters aren't just cardboard cut-outs dispensing drivel. Characters in Hero-U are promised to have their own agendas. In the words of the Coles:

"They aren’t there to serve you, only themselves."

Conversation promises to be an important part of the game as it seems to help in building relationships.

6. You enjoy puns

Most people wouldn't be brave enough to admit this but come on, some of you secretly take delight in puns. Yes they make you groan and /facepalm but puns are a sign of intellect - of your ability to play with the English language. The Coles are masters at puns and it's been a staple of the Quest for Glory series since the beginning. Apparently, Hero-U is going to be no different.

7. You like receiving free games for your support

I don't know how many Kickstarters do this but depending on how much you pledge you can receive free games! Here are the games that are available to you:

8. You want a new adventure/RPG made by veterans

Lori and Corey Cole are veterans at game development having developed the entire Quest for Glory series during the 80s and 90s and also other games such as the Castle of Dr. Brain. However, they've also teamed up with Andrew Goulding and the Brawsome team who were behind games such as MacGuffin's Curse and Jolly Rover. MacGuffin's Curse managed to get 8/10 in Australian PC magazine PC Powerplay and Jolly Rover holds a Metacritic rating of 71 along with an aggregate user rating of 8.1.

9. You want more awesome games on Mac and Linux

Hero-U's awesomeness won't be solely confined to the PC but the Coles plan to make versions for Macs and machines running Linux! So if you want to see classic adventure/RPG gaming on your platform, this is a good way to go!

10. You can get your very own toy meep!

What's a meep you ask? Well it's kind of hard to explain but here's a video of them:

Okay I'm not really interested in a meep but just putting it out there :).

I hope I've managed to encourage more people to back the project. Lori and Corey Cole are happy to answer any questions you have and so are the many Hero-U backers at the Kickstarter


  1. I am really looking forward to this, so I hope everyone who reads this article will help support the Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption kickstarter.

  2. Thanks mate. Me too :). They just don't make games like this anymore and this is what games should be all about.


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