Where is my Guild Wars 2 soundtrack?

This is a question that many has pondered, and in my case, still pondering. It seems that the claim that shipping will occur "4 weeks from date of purchase" doesn't actually ring true for directsong as I ordered the GW2 soundtrack in early September and now it's late October - still no CDs. The status of my order hasn't changed to shipped either. How could it possibly take this long to get a CD ready to ship?

Well I asked this question of directsong support and this is the response I received:

Hi !

There has been a hold on shipping due to manufacturing delays. We understand the inconvenience this may cause and your cooperation, patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

We will be shipping during the next five business days. We will send you an email confirmation with a tracking number which can be used at the United States Postal Services website once your CD's have been dispatched

The Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack CD's are now arriving from manufacturing so that they can be signed by the composer.

Please allow 4-6 weeks from the order date for delivery.

So I patiently waited another 5 business days and still no change to the status of my order. No tracking number was received. Apparently the response above is quite common and several other customers have received the same message according to a GW2 Guru post. In fact, some customers have been waiting just as long as I have if not longer for their CDs to even be shipped.

While I've had no issues with directsong before apparently many others have (just check out the GW2 Guru thread I linked earlier) - to the point that they refuse to buy Jeremy Soule's music if it continues to be sold via directsong. The way things are going with this most recent purchase, I can't say I blame them.

14/11/2012 EDIT: I finally received confirmation a few days ago that my CDs have been posted and on their way. So provided they don't get lost or damaged in the mail, I will probably see them in another month. D: It seems that digital soundtracks with directsong = okay. Physical ones = mixed bag.

16/11/2012 EDIT: Yay! CDs were on my doorstep when I arrived home today. So it was actually pretty quick in terms of the mailing part - the manufacturing and signing part was the killer... be warned!


  1. I am in the same boat - ordered early September 2012 status of the order has not changed and nothing has arrived.

    I have now threatened to report them to the relevant trading standards (as I pad by Paypal I cant get my money back as its now out of time).

    So see what happens.......

  2. Hey mate, thanks for posting! Just to let you know that a couple of days ago they finally sent my CDs in the mail - I'll likely still have to wait for another few weeks but at least it's (apparently) on it's way.

    All I can recommend is to keep pestering them (or threaten to take action as you've mentioned). DirectSong are great with their digital soundtracks and until this episode, I thought they were just as good with CDs. Not so it seems. The least they could've done was alert people of how BAD the situation was (i.e. tell them there's a 2 month delay instead of a 1 month delay).

  3. Yeah same boat here, ordered Oct. 10, customer service runaround, was told eleven days ago they would ship in ten days, giving another day to account for weekend. But all the same, I'm pissed.

  4. Geeze can't believe it's still happening! They really ought to give two options for each soundtrack: a physical option and digital download option since frankly, I'd be quite satisfied with the digital one if it means not having to wait 2 months for the thing to arrive!

  5. And *still* happening. Ordered on June 18, 2013, and it's now approximately 11 weeks later and the order status is still sitting at "Card approved". As an "improvement" to the process, there is now a support ticket system in place (so you get another user ID and password to keep track of) to deal with a special support queue for "over six weeks"...

    1. Wow - it's almost a year after I experienced the issue and people are *still* having problems? Can't really be attributed to "manufacturing delays" anymore - they really ought to review their ordering processes! I'm sorry you have to go through the same disappointment but at least you know you weren't the only one!


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