Diablo 3 Soundtrack Review

  • Name: Diablo III Soundtrack
  • Label: Azeroth Music
  • Composer(s): Russell Brower et al.
  • Number of Tracks: 23

This is probably the first time I've bought a soundtrack from the Diablo series but it also happens to be the first without Matt Uelmen at the helm whose iconic Tristram theme has become synonymous with the Diablo series. As you've guessed, they still have a variation of the Tristram theme in Diablo III called New Tristram - you'd be stupid not to include this piece of nostalgia in a Diablo game.

However, besides this track, there's not much that really pulls my attention. Sure there's a lot of great orchestral music on this track and for those who are bigger fans of classical music than I, you may enjoy it more. However, I personally preferred the sound of wailing guitars that permeated in Diablo I and II - and I'm pretty sure Matt Uelmen had a big hand in that department. I've actually recently started playing Torchlight II which does have Matt Uelmen doing the music and it's almost like you're playing Diablo II again, except you're not in Sanctuary.

So are there any other highlights in this album? Well there are two for me: the dramatic theme that often plays on the main menu known as "And the Heavens Shall Tremble" and the angelic/heroic theme that is obviously dedicated to the Angel Tyrael, "I am Justice".

Score - 5/10

There are a couple of good tracks here but they tend to be the nostalgic ones. The rest is generic orchestral fantasy music, albeit quite despairing and dark orchestral fantasy music.

I originally got the soundtrack with the Collector's Edition but if you're into iTunes, you can grab it here.