Creator of Wing Commander, Privateer and Freelancer announces new space sim

That's right - it's another crowdfunding project! However, instead of it being an old Sierra developer coming out of retirement, it's Chris Roberts, producer of the classic space sims of yesteryear like Wing Commander, Privateer and Freelancer.

Roberts's latest project, Star Citizen, is apparently going to take a bit from the Wing Commander camp and a little bit from the Privateer/Freelancer camp. Apparently you can play single-player or co-op flying for Squadron 42 which is where you're a military pilot for the big, badass carrier in the videos. From the early videos you can tell the military inspired part of the story is definitely a spiritual successor to Wing Commander already. You've got the space carrier, the fighters that look very similar to Terran Confederation fighters, and enemy fighters that look a bit like Dralthis..

Afterwards though, you may decide military life is not for you. You can instead choose to become a merchant in a persistent world which sounds a bit more like Privateer or Freelancer. Oh and apparently there's not going to be any subscription fees, which is awesome!