A few sales on GOG.com this weekend

There's quite a few sales going on at GOG.com this weekend. You can choose how much to pay on Interplay titles and get a whole bunch of games as a result or you can buy Deponia and its upcoming sequel for 40% off. The latter offer is quite tempting since I especially like the animation style from the screenshots - looks like it comes from the Monkey Island 3 school of animation...

Strangely enough, it's the third offer where GOG is celebrating its first releases on the Mac platform that I'm most excited about. No, not because I have a Mac but because it's discounted games like Theme Hospital for an insane amount. Yes it's very cheap at the moment and you know what, I haven't played anything that can beat this game in terms of a humourous hospital management sim - and the game is over a decade old - crazy right?

And just for those Theme Hospital fans out there, here's a little tune that always gets in my head when I think of this game: