Where to buy Dishonored and XCOM: Enemy Unknown in Australia

Two big ticket games that will be released next month (at least IMHO) are Dishonored, a steampunk game with Harvey Smith (who previously worked on Deus Ex) as one of its designers; and XCOM: Enemy Unknown which is being developed by Sid Meier's company, Firaxis (who incidentally published the original UFO: Enemy Unknown series when he was at Microprose).

So where is the best place to get a deal? With GAME out of the picture, there's only really EB and JB as candidates if you want to buy a physical copy. Then there's always Steam...

  • EB = $68 (In-game DLC and a Tarot Card deck when you order)
  • JB = $69 (T-shirt and keyring)
  • Steam = $80

This is one of the rare instances when Steam is actually ripping you off - even after the exchange rate is taken into account. If you absolutely hate boxed copies of games (because they hoard space) then by all means, go the Steam route. Otherwise, if you want to save some cash, you might want to go with EB or JB - it really boils down to the tarot card deck or T-shirt... hmmm - I may go with the T-shirt, only because it's more practical :P.

Now on to XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • EB = $68 (In-game DLC: Elite Soldier Pack)
  • JB = $69 (In-game DLC: Elite Soldier Pack and X-COM T-shirt)
  • Steam = $70 (In-game DLC: Elite Soldier Pack. Extra pre-purchase rewards depending on how many pre-order the game. Currently also has free TF2 items. May even get a free copy of Civ V!)

With this game, the prices are pretty much the same. You all get the in-game DLC: Elite Soldier Pack if you pre-order but JB sweetens the deal with a free T-shirt. However, Steam gives you free TF2 items and the chance of nabbing a free copy of Civ V. If you were planning on getting Civ V or you enjoy playing TF2, might be worth getting the Steam version. I think Steam would be the best choice if purchasing XCOM: Enemy Unknown (unless you really want an X-COM t-shirt).