Choicest Games - Game of the Year 2011

It seems every year the Game of the Year post is published later and later. Although this year has been a busy one for me (buying a new house, a new car, starting a family, etc.). Will be curious to see if I can keep the momentum with the blog (although as long as I continue to play PC games, I think I’ll always have something to comment about the industry : )) This year I reviewed a whopping 20 games – another potential reason this post is so late (last year I posted 12 reviews).

For 2011, the best scoring game here at Choicest Games was:

Portal 2

There were a lot of 9/10s this year but when you examine the actual percentage scores, we have a clear winner – and that's Portal 2. What's great about Portal 2 (and its predecessor) is that it's a breath of fresh air in the games industry. It dares to break the mould and not simply be another cookie-cutter clone of Modern Warfare, GTA, etc. Portal 2 just took everything that was great about the original, it's humour and devious physics puzzles, and made it bigger and better. This game is definitely one to try for those who have become disillusioned with the games industry. It might just suck you back in!

This year, the runners up prize goes to:

Gray Matter

Gray Matter was also 9/10 but came a clear second ahead of the other 9/10s (except for Portal 2 of course). The game is like a modern Gabriel Knight and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Best adventure game for 2011. So if you’re into old school point 'n' click adventures, definitely one to try out.