The Greatest Video Game Music soundtrack review

  • Name: The Greatest Video Game Music
  • Label: X5 Music Group
  • Composer(s): Various
  • Number of Tracks: 22

When they say this soundtrack has the "greatest" video game music of all time, I think what they really meant to say was "popular". Sure the London Philharmonic Orchestra does a good job with every track on this album, but some of the source material isn't terribly exciting to begin with (I'm looking at you Call of Duty theme music!). I mean they even did a rendition of the Angry Birds theme - I mean can you even really consider that a game? Oh right, it's popular on iPads and mobiles therefore it must be great (although it does turn out to be one of the better ones)!

You've got a lot of great memorable PC game themes on this album such as a pretty faithful rendition of the Oblivion theme, the Mass Effect 2 Suicide Mission theme and (my favourite) the Battlefield 1942 theme (the album incorrectly states it's the Battlefield 2 theme). This is the greatest rendition of the theme I've heard yet and I especially love the violin section added at 2:31.

The surprises for me though were the themes that I've never heard of before and these were the ones from console games (I don't normally play console games you see). Particular favourites was Nate's Theme from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (which has a very Back to the Future feel to it) and the Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty theme, which sounds like it could fit quite nicely in an 80s cop show.

Overall, this is a good album and you're sure to find a few tracks that you like, even if you're a PC gamer like myself :).

Score - 8/10

You can grab the album off Amazon for $12 (plus shipping and handling).