A week to go for Leisure Suit Larry remake to reach funding target

As you probably now know, Replay Games has managed to bring Al Lowe out of retirement to work on a remake of the first Leisure Suit Larry game. Actually, this will be the second time the 1987 original was remade, as it was remade in VGA back in 1991 too.

Even though I wasn't as big a fan of the Larry games when compared to maybe some of the other Sierra franchises (like Quest for Glory) it's still an awesome series with great adult humour and an awesome soundtrack (I dare you to not start whistling after listening the Main Theme). That's why I've contributed $25 to the project as I get the game when it is released and a soundtrack CD as well. I think it's a worthwhile initiative, and here are five reasons I just pulled out of nowhere:

  1. Al Lowe has come out of retirement; A veteran Sierra developer! This is an opportunity to restore Al's faith in the gaming industry (or at least gaming fans).
  2. This will be the first Leisure Suit Larry game with Al Lowe's input since 1996. Al was quite bitter that the mediocre games released after his involvement in the series has just helped to ruin the franchise's reputation
  3. You can get an awesome soundtrack especially if you pick the $25 option for backing
  4. Funding the project means you may entice other legendary adventure game developers to come out of retirement. Jane Jensen (of Gabriel Knight fame) and her husband Robert Holmes are already starting their own Kickstarter project too.
  5. You are funding a relatively easy product to make. Adventure games are quite easy to develop nowadays, the hardest part being the graphics and animations. Also this project is based on an existing game meaning the groundwork for game design has already been done.