KLM uses Sims Medieval music in radio ad

Not sure what EA thinks about this but KLM probably thought there wasn't anyone nerdy enough to notice when VGM is used in ads.

Anyway, unfortunately I can't find a sample online of the ad itself but it's an advertising campaign called "European Splendour" by the Dutch airline, KLM.

While the woman in the ad talks about the awesome sale on airfares to Europe, fans of the Sims Medieval will notice a certain track playing in the background which is in fact used as menu music in the game!

Anyone else ever noticed VGM being used in other media? This is probably the fifth time for me. I've heard the following used in other media:

1. Red Alert's Hell March in Top Gear
2. Quake II's Descent into Cerberon to advertise an action TV series
3. Tiberian Sun's Dusk Hour used for a montage of the Second Gulf War for the TV news
4. TV Series Criminal Minds - C&C Generals