Battlefield 3 expansion to be released in June

Looks like there will be a new BF3 expansion coming out soon - which is just as well since it'll probably rejuvenate some interest into the game (most players have probably unlocked everything they can already).

The Close Quarters expansion pack is about... well... close quarters combat. A lot of indoor environments to fight in which reminds me of Operation Metro. Those of you who play BF3 will either love or hate this news since Operation Metro can quickly degrade itself into a spamfest, or a claymorefest or an RPGfest. You get the picture. It's great if you're the one staying out of the way and dropping ammo boxes or medpacks though...

One thing that will almost be universally welcome though is the return to fully destructible environments or at least more destructible environments like BFBC2. Apparently, you can "reduce entire locales to ruin". EA says more info will be released on March 13th.

There's also apparently another two expansion packs called Armored Kill and End Game, but at the time of this post I was unable to access the Battlefield Blog to check - maybe it's being innundated by BF3 fans!