Where is Chris Sawyer?

You know, the Scottish chap that created one of the best games ever, Transport Tycoon (and also worked on its spiritual successor, Locomotion, and the Rollercoaster Tycoon series).

To fans, it's been a mystery what has happened to this legendary game developer. The last anyone heard of him was when he agreed to an out-of-court settlement with Atari over unpaid royalties in 2008.

It's now 2012, four years later and there's been no word from him. Apparently he was credited as the inspiration for the recent game Cities in Motion (no surprises there) but has he been actually working on any games recently? What has he been up to? Mobygames claims that he's retired from games development, yet he was still credited in 2008 for being involved in Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009.

Unfortunately he doesn't seem to be directly contactable and the only lead is the Marjacq agency which apparently handles any enquiries to him.

So I will start by trying to contact Marjacq and then seeing if I can find any other leads.

17/07/2013 EDIT: Chris Sawyer has at last re-surfaced! It appears he has a company in Dunblane, Scotland called 31X Ltd. that managed to secure the Microprose IP related to his work (i.e. Transport Tycoon) and is now working with Origin8 Technologies to develop a port of the game for mobile platforms. That means a touch-screen version of Transport Tycoon may be arriving soon.


  1. No I don't :(! And I haven't had any response from the agency either.

    Hey what happened to Thursday night dinners? Been awhile since we had one :P.


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