What is the best class in Battlefield 3?

I heard on the Internets… that one of the classes in BF3 is better than all the rest. For those of you that keep thinking there’s a best class in BF3, please listen carefully – There is no bathroom! I mean, there is no best class in BF3!

However, certain situations or maps in the game will result in one class being more useful than another. I aim to go through the classes one by one and hopefully help you in deciding which is best.

Standard Weapon:
- Assault Rifle

- Revive Teammates
- Throw medpacks
- Fire underslung grenade launcher
- Fire underslung shotgun

Pick this class if:
- you’re attacking on a Rush map (if you have medpacks)
- you’re playing on a small, urban map (if you have a grenade launcher or shotgun)

Standard Weapon:
- Carbine

- Repair vehicles
- Drop landmines
- Use EOD bot
- Destroy vehicles

Pick this class if:
- you’re playing a map with a lot of vehicles or aircraft

Standard Weapon:
- Machine Gun

- Replenish ammunition
- Drop Claymores
- Use C4 explosives
- Fire mortar

Pick this class if:
- you like to provide suppressing fire for your teammates
- you’re playing a small map with very little vehicles
- you have a lot of engineers on your team

Standard Weapon:
- Sniper Rifle

- Detect nearby enemies with T-UGS
- Designate enemy targets with SOFLAM
- Provide surveillance using the MAV
- Create extra spawn points with a Radio Beacon

Pick this class if:
- you like picking them off from a distance
- you’re playing a medium-large map with very little vehicles
- you want to help your team with surveillance, especially if it’s a normal server
- the engineers on your team have Javelins
- you’re playing Rush as an attacker and need a spawn point near the objective

After all is said and done though, I do think that the Engineer is perhaps the best class in BF3 only because the Battlefield series is inherently a game about using vehicles to their greatest advantage and the only class that can take aforementioned vehicles out is the Engineer (and arguably Support – although the Engineer is more effective). The Engineer can, of course, repair friendly vehicles to boot. However as mentioned before, it really depends on the map. If there are no vehicles, the Engineer really isn’t as useful - unless you’re one of those dirtbags that uses rockets on infantry of course…

You should also take into consideration what the rest of your squad is playing as since you can get quite a lot of points for helping them out. Is there an engineer on the team that keeps running out of ammo? Go as support! Are your teammates struggling to stay alive as they advance on a point? Go as assault (medic)! You get the picture.


  1. talking about best class in BF3, it all comes down to your preference...I personally prefer Recon/Sniper coz i love to snipe people from a distance, imo it's the most challenging class especially when using bolt action rifle, you have to get a headshot to take down your opponent, you help your team spot the enemies, & to me it's so fun ^^ some people say snipers are campers & useless but it's not completely true, sniping requires skill :)

  2. Hi Vivekanada, thanks for posting!

    Definitely comes down to preference but as I've mentioned in my post, the sort of map and game mode you're playing is important to consider when determining how effective a certain class will be. Recons tend to excel on maps with no vehicles or light vehicles. They also have some often overlooked support abilities (SOFLAM, T-UGS, MAV, etc.) that are usefull for surveillance and target acquisition.


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