Low framerates in Need for Speed: The Run?

If you're getting low framerates in Need for Speed: The Run (NFS:TR) and you've got a PC copy, that's because the game is locked at 30FPS during a race. Apparently, this is due to the game being a console port so once again us PC gamers get the short end of the stick (yay)! Not to worry though, in the last patch that was released for NFS:TR it allows you to get around this by removing V-Sync. By removing V-Sync the game is no longer locked at 30FPS and you can definitely tell the difference (sadly the cutscenes seem to still be locked at 30FPS but you can't have everything I guess)!

Here are some instructions on how to do it.

1. Select Settings from the Main Menu

2. In the Settings Menu, select Display

3. On the Display Options menu, select Advanced Display Settings

4. On the Advanced Display Settings menu turn V-Sync off.