Double Fine raises $400,000 from the public for new point 'n' click adventure

This is one of the most heartwarming stories I've heard in awhile: Double Fine Productions, who has Lucasarts adventure game legends Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert behind it, are planning to create a new point 'n' click adventure. As they describe in the video though, most publishers nowadays laugh at the prospect of resurrecting the point 'n' click adventure to the mainstream. However, Tim Schafer decided that all the adventure game fans out there should put their money where their mouth is. If they think there's so much interest, surely there'd be enough fans out there to fund their next game for a modest $400,000 (with $100,000 going towards a documentary).

Amazingly, in less than 24 hours they've got their $400,000! At the time of this article, it's now up to $534,698! More than half a million!

They're still accepting contributions any extra money will go towards a larger budget for voice-overs and music (hmmm perhaps they could even hire some Hollywood actors if enough gets contributed :P). Depending on the level of money you contribute, you receive more extra stuff. You can donate even $1 if you wish but you need to donate $15 at least if you want a copy of the game when it's released. Someone's already donated $10,000 and that gets you lunch with Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert along with a whole bunch of other choice stuff. If you want to get into the credits you need to dish out $100.

I'll probably go for the $30 option as it's like a collector's edition of the game (comes with a digital soundtrack!). Word of warning though, you'll need to signup with as part of the process. Besides that, it's pretty simple!

If you want to contribute go here.