Civilization V will have animations in multiplayer

Didn't you hate it how when playing multiplayer, battles weren't as much fun anymore? Now instead of your units fighting each other, it was more like a chess game where pieces magically disappeared after being defeated. Sure, you could rationalise that it helps speed up the game but you know what? One of the major reasons I didn't continue to play Civ V multiplayer was because of the lack of animations - that and the fact the game chugs horrendously... well Firaxis have promised to enable animations in multiplayer just as it was in Civ IV (Hurrah!).

Unfortunately, it's apparently going to be a few months until they introduce this patch so we've still got a long time to wait (as if we haven't waited long enough!)


  1. has this already been implemented

  2. I don't believe so, but if anyone knows any better, be sure to pipe up :).


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