Choicest VGM - VGM #50 - Wing Commander - Death and Funeral

And here is the last of the Wing Commander tracks on Choicest VGM - how fitting that it's the Death and Funeral track :). Here's a mildly amusing story for you:

When I originally played Wing Commander, I was pretty young and during the briefing of one of the mission's, the commander instructed that if my wingman, Maniac, gave me any trouble, I had permission to blow him to bits. Maniac is notorious in the game for not following orders so sure enough, when I attempted to get him to obey me, he failed to comply. The answer was frontier justice: I destroyed his ship - after all the commander said I was allowed to do it right?

After the mission, there was obviously a funeral for Maniac but of course they just assumed that a Kilrathi shot him down! The icing on the cake is when your character says something along the lines of "don't worry Maniac, I'll get the furball that shot you down!" But the furball was me!

Many thanks to the Wing Commander fansite Wing Commander Combat Information Centre where you're able to download heaps of Wing Commander related media.