Battlefield 3 Soundtrack Review

Battlefield 3 soundtrack cover

  • Name: Battlefield 3 Soundtrack
  • Label: EA Games Soundtracks
  • Composer(s): Johan Skugge and Jukka Rintamaki
  • Number of Tracks: 19

NOTE (16/03/2019): Telstra's BigPondMusic service no longer exists.

Being a fan of the Battlefield games and the Battlefield main theme especially, I decided to purchase this soundtrack off Big Pond Music (BPM). There are quite a few tracks on this soundtrack but they're all mostly 1-2 minutes long so there's already not that much music here for the $15 it costs off BPM.

What makes it worse is that a lot of the tracks on this soundtrack are what I consider filler tracks. Sure you probably hear most of this music in the game but they're simply not enjoyable to listen to if you're listening to them on your MP3 player or car stereo. Most of the tracks are ambient and minimalist - I mean you just need to listen to the track "Brawl" to understand what I mean:

My favourite tracks would have to be the Battlefield 3 Main Theme and the Solomon Theme. Incidentally, these tracks are used as the multiplayer game victory music and defeat music respectively. While the BF3 main theme has nothing on the orchestral versions of the Battlefield theme, it's good to see they've still incorporated the old theme somewhere in the game, usually during the most epic segments of the single player campaign.

Besides the two tracks mentioned above though, and Fire from the Sky and Operation Metro, two of the better "loading level" tracks, there's not much else to recommend on this album.

Score - 3/10

You can grab the album off Big Pond Music (BPM) for $15 - although I'd recommend just grabbing the tracks you like as it might turn out cheaper!