Battlefield 3 receives new update

A new update has been released for Battlefield 3. It's mainly a technical update to improve support for future video cards and fix a couple of glitches. Looks like we can expect more balancing updates in the future though.

This is what DICE had to say:
"List of issues fixed:

Support for Intel’s new Ivy Bridge product line (as yet unreleased)

Fixes for two reproducible client crashes:
Operation Firestorm- Conquest Large – Fixed a client crash when users spawn in certain vehicles.

Canals - Rush – Fixed a client crash at the 2nd set of mcoms if the player drives a vehicle into the vicinity of the exploding rocket battery.

AMD Radeon 7xxx series performance improvements

This minor fix is releasing on the 14th February, 8AM UT. This download will be via Origin.

We would also like to inform the community that we have several ongoing developments with regards to balance and gameplay, performance, stability and the overall feature set that will be announced in the coming weeks."