Skyrim Soundtrack has arrived!

Oh I forgot to mention that my Skyrim Soundtrack arrived a few days ago. At first I was disappointed since I couldn't find any trace of Jeremy Soule's signature (since you were meant to receive a hand-autographed copy of the soundtrack if you ordered before a certain date) - however, closer inspection revealed a gold squiggle which I previously thought was just artwork. Must be JS's signature!

Anyway there's a lot of music here (4 CDs worth) and from what I've heard of so far, it's what you'd expect from Jeremy Soule - epic fantasy music at its best. I'll make sure to give a proper review once I get around to it :).


  1. I know this is long after the post but I just got mine too and I also thought it was artwork but it is, in fact, his signature. Mine is similar but not at all identical so it's definitely not artwork. It's also raise... what you would find with ink.


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