Choicest VGM - VGM #46 - Wing Commander - Main Theme

Considering I reviewed the grand-daddy of cinematic space sims, Wing Commander recently (notice I entered "cinematic" - Elite is probably considered the true grand-daddy of space sims...) and since I'm up to 1990 games for my Choicest VGM series, why not add some Wing Commander tracks in there?

It was actually quite a challenge finding some good quality tracks for this game as most of what is out there are low-quality MIDIs and they probably only sound good if you've got a Roland MT-32. Fortunately there are some higher quality renditions of some of the tracks and these are what are included for Choicest VGM.

First off we have noneother than the main theme. This version I nabbed is quite a bit different to how I remember although it's probably the best digital rendition I've heard (how awesome would it be to hear this tune played by a live orchestra though?)

Many thanks to the Wing Commander fansite Wing Commander Combat Information Centre where you're able to download heaps of Wing Commander related media