The 15 Most Frustrating Situations in Videogames

A Dorkly article has hit the nail on the head on the most frustrating situations in video games. See if you can attempt to name a game where you've personally experienced all these situations!

Not realizing you’re fighting enemies that will respawn indefinitely and wasting all your health and ammo trying to finish them all off

I believe the Call of Duty games were usually like this. You'd end up killing endless waves of baddies, only to realise you're wasting your time!

Running out of inventory slots

Several games have this problem occurring - usually in RPGs. While Skyrim may have the space issued sorted, unfortunately you're still limited by how much you can carry if the total load is too heavy... Of course the way you got around this issue in games like Diablo, for example, was to create another character to carry all your stuff known as a "mule". In the game Dungeon Siege, they took this joke to the next level of course, giving you an actual mule to store your goodies.

Finding out your PC can’t run a game you just bought

This actually happened to me once I'm embarassed to say, however in my defence, the game in question was pretty harsh in that it actually prevented you from even trying to run the game if your DirectX version wasn't high enough. I'm talking about Deus Ex: Invisible War of course. Annoying, but at least it gave me the justification to upgrade the computer...

Getting killed while doing a move you didn’t mean to do

The biggest culprit for this particular annoyance was those old Sierra adventure games. Each of those games probably had a 100+ ways that you could accidentally die. One of the most memorable for me was in King's Quest V where if you fall of a ledge, you end up dying. However, the particular section I fell off only happened to be a foot off the ground, and it still ended up in King Graham's untimely demise.

  • "Cedric the Owl: No Graham! Don't!"
  • "Graham as he falls one foot to his death: YAAAARRGH!"

Dying because of a bug

There's probably more instances of me not being able to continue the game because of a bug than dying but there's been plenty. In the online gaming world, especially in the Battlefield games, you could sometimes become stuck in the terrain. Now you know why there's a suicide button...

Almost done sneaking through a level then getting spotted by everyone at the end

Lots of games have this issue - I suspect it could be especially annoying in games like Thief. However, if you're able to save whenever, I think this one is a minor annoyance. If you can't save... well that's a whole different kettle of fish!

Returning to an RPG months later and having no idea what you’re doing

This one is a good one. It's actually one of my pet peeves with the Elder Scrolls games. These games are so huge that it takes a very long time to finish. However, you have to do it in one sitting (or over a month at least) since if you don't, you'll return back to the game and go "WTF is going on?"

Having to install 25 updates the first time you turn on the game

This frustrating scenario is definitely a sign of the times. Thanks to the Internet, this gives an excuse for developers to be sloppy and release the game riddled with bugs (okay to be fair it's probably the fault of the publishers). This results in several bug releases post-release - some right after release. I believe half the games I've played this year have required updates immediately after release (and not just small ones either).

Escort missions

As Dorkly says, this is especially annoying when the person you're trying to escort gets in your line of fire. It's like they actually want you to shoot them... It's even worse when you've created a character that relies on stealth to either silently takedown enemies or bypass them altogether since now you've got an incompetent dimwit going "look at me! I'm over here! Oh the hero is just beside me too."

Having to restart an entire mission because some stupid NPC caught a stray bullet

I've actually done this recently in Skyrim. I was meant to save one of the Companions but ended up taking him out since I thought he was an enemy (hey I don't get the critical strike/sneak attack bonus if I don't shoot first!).

Having to backtrack for hours because you missed an item or key somewhere

This used to be a huge problem in the old adventure game days, especially old Sierra adventures. You'd be happily solving puzzles almost finishing the game only to hit a brick wall and not quite knowing why.

Screwing yourself over by saving your game at a bad time

One of the most memorable examples of this experience for me was whilst playing the original Call of Duty, I believe. It was one of the British missions and I happened to save the game in the bunker (or perhaps it auto-saved?). Anyway, little did I realise that a tank was just about to fire a shell in said bunker so almost everytime I loaded, two seconds afterwards it was instant death for me. Fortunately after several attempts I managed to find a safe corner so that I didn't die completely and I was able to continue with the mission.

A glitch prevents you from progressing

I believe I mentioned about this one when talking about dying because of a bug. These ones are far more frequent and are probably even more frustrating (since you can't finish the game - ARGH!). This happened to me most recently playing Dreamfall - a feeling of disappointment ensued.

Dying when you haven’t saved

I make it a pretty good habit to save the game. So much so I save at the wrong points (as mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs). However, it's actually sometimes a good sign when you forget to save a game since it shows you're so engrossed in a game you've lost track of time (and your save game routine).

Accidentally hitting “yes” when an NPC asks you if you need them to repeat entire explanation

Oh this happens a lot in adventure games and RPGs. You're trying to skip through a conversation you've already heard several times before but then due to your incessant clicking, manage to select the option that repeats the conversation... again.

Anyway, kudos to Dorkly for running this article. I'm sure most gamers can recall a time they've encountered these frustrating scenarios!