Choicest VGM - VGM #41 - Ultima 6 - Bootup

Ultima 6 was the first ever Ultima game I played. I believe it was the first Ultima to have VGA (or was it EGA?) graphics and Sound Blaster audio. Anyway, Ultima had all the typical fantasy elements that get teenagers interested, especially the fact that on Earth you're basically an average teenager, but on Britannia you're a paragon of good, and you get to kick some gargoyle butt while you're at it.

This particular music played when the game was booting up and shows your character, bored while he watches TV on Earth. Suddenly a moongate opens near your house, a portal to the world of Britannia. You enter but are then immediately captured by gargoyles and they prepare to sacrifice you.

Many thanks to Tom's Ultima MT-32 MP3 Collection where you're able to download high-quality Roland MT-32 versions of the original themes.