Choicest VGM - VGM #38 - Stunts - Race Loser

Well I definitely heard this track played a few times! Especially against the more difficult opponents like Sid Vicious.

Oh and while we're on the topic of opponents, thanks to the website Giant Bomb here's a list of all the original opponents in Stunts:

  • "Squealin'" Bernie Rubber: geeky, clumsy Bernie was the easiest of all the opponents. He would generally drive slowly and frequently crash on challenging stunts.
  • Herr Otto Partz: an old German Grand Prix driver, Otto was okay on flat circuits, but faltered on stunts.
  • "Smokin'" Joe Stallin: Joe's back story said that he once rear-ended someone on a straight. As a result, he preferred twisty tracks and would visibly slow down on straights.
  • Cherry Chassis: a spoilt little rich girl, Cherry was the opposite to Joe, preferring straights to corners.
  • Helen Wheels: sexy and sassy, Helen was a competent all-rounder, but tended to be a bit reckless.
  • Skid Vicious: the toughest opponent in the game, Skid grew up on the streets and learnt to drive by outrunning police in stolen cars. Whether by design or because of a bug, Skid was capable of accelerating faster than the player, even when driving a slower car.

Thanks to Teppica who originally ripped these - this is how I remember the game music, played through a Sound Blaster 16.