2011 Soundtrack Reviewing System

It's been over three years since I first nominated a scoring system for soundtracks and it's due for a change. I've noticed that my previous scoring system placed too much emphasis on the soundtrack being of a sufficient length or good value. While these are important it got to the stage that even if an album was extremely good technically, it was possible for it to still score poorly if it was a short album. Alternatively, albums with lots of filler tracks were able to get similar if not higher scores.

So I've revisited the scoring system and to keep it in line with my changes to the game reviews, they'll now be scored out of ten.

Like before, I'll be giving the tracks an artistic merit score where a 0 is given for each forgettable track, 1 for a decent track and 2 for highlight tracks that are sensational. I then compile it together, get a percentage and then round it get a score out of 10.

Value will still be a consideration but I've taken Length out of the equation, since they're basically one in the same - the number of tracks on an album determines if it's good value for money as well. So I'll basically reserve my right to give an extra 1 point to the score if it also happens to be good value for money.

Stay tuned for a review on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack!