Top 10 X-mas Gifts for a PC Gamer 2011 - #10 Anno 2070

Since it's not long to go until X-mas, I thought I'd run with a Top 10 X-mas Gifts article but for a PC Gamer. Now I haven't played all the games on the following list so it'll be a combination of the games I have played and think are worthwhile, and also games that I've heard are hotly anticipated, by friends and the press.

Also, all of the games are either scheduled for release before X-mas or have been released in the past couple of months - so they will all be fairly new.

Coming in at number 10 on the list is Anno 2070. I haven't actually played any of the Anno series but judging by how many titles there are, it must be pretty popular. Definitely one to look out for if your gift recipient is into trading simulations.