Starcraft 2 - Heart of the Swarm pricing

There still seems to be some confusion about the pricing of Heart of the Swarm - the only thing for certain though is it doesn't sound good at the moment.

While early comments by Blizzard said they were going to charge it as they would an expansion pack, it seems that their current comments have become more vague.

A quick check on some game retailer sites (mainly Australian) reveals the following prices:

- = N/A
- EB = $58
- GAME = $88
- JB Hi-fi = N/A

EB's price is confusing since it's in-between the price of an expansion and the full price for A-grade games. GAME looks like it's charging full price for it (although you're actually unable to pre-order at the moment so it could be a placeholder).

I'll probably begrudgingly pay for it since I really enjoy the single-player, although for those who just really play the multiplayer, you'll probably feel a bit ripped-off. Hopefully the prices go down closer to release