10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2012 - #2 Diablo III

2. Diablo III

Why it might be good:
  • Diablo III is to the Diablo series what Starcraft II is to the Starcraft series: it's one of the most anticipated games ever
  • Experience the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary once again, where angels are at war with demons.
  • Blizzard are known for releasing well polished games (although it must be said that Starcraft II wasn't exactly up to their usual standard)
  • The runestone concept sounds choice. You get to modify your abilities and even their appearance through the use of runestones.
  • Followers which are similar to Heroes in Guild Wars.
  • PvP arenas which are similar to Guild Wars.
Why it might be bad:
  • The new graphical style may not appeal to the hardcore fans of the original two games
  • Potions now have a cooldown which is different to the previous games where you can quaff them like there's no tomorrow. Remains to be seen how this will affect gameplay.
  • The Auction House sounds like a sneaky way of introducing micro-transactions for the game.
  • No Matt Uelmen to score the soundtrack
Release Date:
Q1 2012