Where are my RAGE Anarchy Edition items?

For those of you who pre-ordered RAGE you may be wondering where your Anarchy Edition items are, especially considering the flyer in the game doesn't actually indicate where you're meant to find them!

Fear not as they are revealed to you as you progress through the game. Near the beginning you already get access to the double-barrel shotgun and Fists of Rage. I haven't got to the point where you get the buggy and new armour but if this thread is to be believed, it will come soon enough.


  1. i have the anarchy edition and i never got my double barrel shotgun in the begging why?

  2. Just play a bit more. You don't get them immediately when you start but later on once you start stocking up on new weapons. Check the link for more details :).

  3. i already past it once never got nothing what link? thank u

  4. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2160348

  5. So if I got it pre owned, I'm screwed?

    1. Considering Rage is a Steam game, I'm not even sure how you would get a Steam game pre-owned (since games are tied to an online account).


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