Mass Effect 3 gets multiplayer

At first I was a bit distraught at this announcement. Why is Bioware making everything multiplayer (e.g. The Old Republic)? You don't need to make a game multiplayer to make it awesome damn you! However, after reading a bit more, my fears were somewhat abated as the multiplayer is optional. Apparently, you can still finish the game entirely single player, although if you prefer playing multiplayer this also helps Commander Shepard achieve his objective too, i.e. the multiplayer can be used as a substitute to advance the single player storyline.

The multiplayer will apparently not involve Commander Shepard but it will allow you to create characters of any race (including Turians, Krogans, etc.) and there will be a levelling system for your character. You will be able to play with three of your mates as well.

So it's good that the multiplayer is optional but by even trying to develop a multiplayer component I fear that Bioware may lose focus on what makes the Mass Effect series great - an awesome single player campaign. Fingers crossed they don't lose sight of that!

Oh and it would be neat if when you picked a Salarian he would break out some Gilbert & Sullivan while standing idle, just like our old friend Dr Solus :P