Choicest VGM - VGM #4 - Tetris A Theme

Well I got the urge again to post some VGM videos so I decided to type up a list of games that when I heard the name of the game spoken in my head whether I associated it with any of the game's music or not. I ended up with quite a few, almost 200, which means there's at least 200 video game themes that I would be able to identify if played at any instant, keeping in mind some games had many memorable themes (creepy!).

Anyway, as I managed to organise these themes into a list I was able to sort by date. Pac Man and Frogger were on the list but then I realised they don't actually have music. They might have a little ditty for a few seconds before the game starts but that's about it. I tried looking for music for Digger and Microsoft Decathlon but I came up with nothing, not to mention music from both games were copied from already composed music (e.g. Popcorn, in the case of Digger).

So the earliest game I could find music for was Tetris, which came out in 1986 on PC (in all its 4-colour CGA splendour)!

And while on the topic of non-original music, the memorable Tetris A theme (from the Game Boy version, although it must've been in the PC version as well since I never owned a Game Boy) is actually a Russian folk song called "Korobeiniki" - probably why it's such a catchy tune!