Choicest VGM - VGM #15 - Xenon 2 - Intro (Megablast)

Now on to my first 1989 entry to Choicest VGM. The track used in the game is actually a sequence from licensed music provided by Bomb the Bass, a British dance/hip-hop/electronica musician. I only managed to find a C64 version that was easily accessible, so this is different to how I remembered the music which was from the DOS version... thankfully someone has already downloaded on Youtube so it's over here:

The source material is worth checking out too as I think it's one of those tracks that blends genres, to the point that even haters of rap can consider this as passable. I personally think it's fun, funky and a little bit crazy.

Also note that the audio cuts short on purpose - I think it's meant to loop.