Back to the Future: The Game Review

Well the scores have all been tallied for the five episodes of Back to the Future: The Game, so now it's time to see how they all work as a game overall!

Sound (4/5)
The game has awesome voice acting and kudos to Telltale Games for doing their best to hire the original voice actors. They even managed to grab the reclusive Michael J. Fox for a cameo! No easy feat. The game doesn't get a perfect score though as there are definitely occasional sound stuttering issues.

Music (4/5)
The music in the series is excellent with licensed music from the films (e.g. Huey Lewis and the News) and variations on Alan Silvestri's orchestral score. Unfortunately sometimes when you expect music to be playing, there actually is none. I've noticed that some pivotal points in the game or action sequences will actually have no music whatsoever which seems rather odd to omit.

Graphics (2/5)
A lot of effort was taken in developing the character models to look like their real-life actor counterparts but low-res textures on many background items and several graphical glitches after Episode 1 means the game doesn't fare too well overall in the graphics department.

Plot (4/5)
The plot for the whole series is extremely good, probably because they used Back to the Future co-creator Bob Gale as a story consultant! The only reason the game didn't get a higher score in this department is that those who haven't watched the Back to the Future films may be a bit confused as to who all the characters are, and some of the in-jokes (the Back to the Future films are all about in-jokes).

The game suffers from the fact the player is limited in what he/she can do making the game seem more like an "interactive movie" in the bad sense of the word. The puzzles aren't particularly challenging and most of the game involves you of walking from one point to the other. Out of all the episodes, the second one had the most entertaining puzzles but the rest were so-so in comparison.

Replayability (3/5)
The game has average replayability as you'd expect for any game in the adventure genre. The attraction to replay is mainly to relive favourite scenes and dialogue.

Polish (4/5)
The game is pretty well polished throughout every episode, however I never liked Telltale's mixture of keyboard and mouse in order to control your character (obviously pandering to the console players). I miss the days of traditional point 'n' click adventures...

Score - 7/10

An entertaining distraction for Back to the Future fans, just don't expect it to be in anyway challenging as a game.

If you want to get the game, visit Telltale Games.


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