10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2012 - #9 War of the Roses

9. War of the Roses

Why it might be good:
  • Team multiplayer game where you can fight using medieval weapons!
  • Apparently it has persistent stats and a levelling system to unlock new weapons - a bit like Call of Duty and Battlefield.
  • One of Paradox's developers, Tale Worlds, already has experience in creating a game with melee combat. If they can tap into this pool of experience they're already halfway there.
Why it might be bad:
  • Lead and Gold, which War of the Roses will borrow many elements from wasn't exactly a resounding success.
  • While there is single player, the focus is on the multiplayer - so if you don't like multiplayer, it'll be a waste of money.
  • Apparently you fight from a third-person perspective so this may turn off first-person purists
Release Date:
2012 (best guess)