Where to buy Rage and Skyrim in Australia

It's still a couple of months before these games come out, but Steam is offering interesting offers for Rage and Skyrim where, once again, you are able to unlock some TF2 items if you happen to pre-order with them - and these offers are valid for a limited time. Consequently, it seemed like a good time to see which games store offered the best deal when it came to purchasing Rage or Skyrim. Oh and the reason they're both on sale at the same time? They're both published by Bethesda Softworks :).


When pre-ordering Rage, you seem to automatically get the Anarchy Edition which gives you two special weapons, a different buggy and special armour.

  • EB = $88 (You also get a Rage Wingstick, which looks like some sort of frisbee, a print and Gang Badges)
  • GAME = $78 (all GAME shipping is free within Australia)
  • JB = $79 (bonus comics)
  • Steam = $90USD (Wingstick for TF2)

It's actually a hard choice for Rage since they all have quite different offerings from each store and they're around the same price.

If you're concerned purely about price I say go for GAME (which is what I'll be doing).

If you like comics and are interested in the background story of Rage, you should pre-order from JB.

If you like a random assortment of goodies, you should pre-order from EB.

If you don't like physical copies of games and you're a TF2 nut, you should go for the Steam version.

  • EB = $88 (bonus physical map included)
  • GAME = $88
  • JB = $99 (bonus physical map included)
  • Steam = $90USD (bonus TF2 hat)

Once again, the prices are actually quite similar for each option. This time though, GAME is equal cheapest with EB, but EB actually comes with a pre-order goodie being the bonus physical map - which JB also offers but at a dearer price.

While the TF2 hat is tempting I think I'd much rather have a physical map. Physical maps being included in boxes reminds me of the days of playing Ultima 6 which included a map of Britannia in the box!