Where to buy Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3 in Australia

Now that EA have their own online store called Origin, it seems that they are no longer going to sell games off Steam (at least not their high-profile ones it seems). So the only options will be getting the game off Origin or getting retail. However, before checking out the prices, what is Origin about anyway?

According to the EA website, Origin is the new EA Store, but it's a bit more than that. While the EA Store was just like any other website, Origin requires you to download a client to run, just like Steam. This will be quite annoying for those of you who have started to purchase and run all their games exclusively from Steam.

The application also has features similar to Steam, like chatting and browsing the web while playing games. Also your EA Account IS your Origin account - so it'll be interesting to see how that works since thanks to EA, my EA Account details are a mess!

And I just tried logging in and it failed... awesome.

And trying a second time brings me to a second login screen where they say my password is invalid... awesome.

And attempting to e-mail a password has caused a server error... awesome.

And I finally got an e-mail to reset my password and it's logged me into another page that doesn't have all the so-called identities registered to my games or my previous orders... awesome.

You can see why I don't have much faith in EA in designing these systems...

Anyway, let us see how much everyone is charging for these two games shall we?

Battlefield 3 Limited Edition (incl. Back to Karkand Expansion, Physical Warfare Pack and a shotgun and beret for Battlefield Play4Free)
  • Origin = $80
  • EB = $88 (also get it in a steel case)
  • GAME = $78 (also get free paintball for 3 months and all GAME shipping is free in Australia)
  • JB = $110 (don't appear to get Physical Warfare pack but they do have the SPECACT Kit which gives you 8 different skins and you also get physical dog tags and a cap!)

To clarify, the Back to Karkand expansion includes 4 re-done BF2 maps, BF2 weapons and vehicles and unique achievements.

The Physical Warfare Pack includes the Type 88 LMG with bipod, Flechette ammo for the DAO-12, flash suppressor for the SKS Sniper rifle and day 1 access to the DAO-1 shotgun.

If you're wanting to go for the goodies or the SPECACT kit, I'd say go for JB Hi-fi's offer. The other offerings from Origin, EB and GAME however, are pretty similar, so the cheapest wins, and in that case it's GAME.

Mass Effect 3
  • Origin = $80
  • EB = $88
  • GAME = $90
  • JB = $85

If getting Mass Effect 3 without the bells and whistles, it would seem that Origin is actually the cheapest option. However, since there is only $10 difference between the most expensive option and cheapest one, any of these are really viable options (with JB being the cheapest retail option).

Mass Effect 3 N7 Digital Deluxe/Collector's Edition

The N7 editions include: artwork, artbook, comic, N7 in-game weapons, robotic dog companion, squadmate alternate outfits, N7 hoodie for Shepard, the soundtrack and forum badges.

  • Origin (Digital Deluxe) = $100
  • EB = $108 (Collector's Edition - same stuff but has a physical artbook and a fabric patch)
  • GAME = $110 (Collector's Edition - same stuff but has a physical artbook and a fabric patch)
  • JB = $110

Once again, Origin is the cheapest but it's not really that much cheaper. I'll probably get the Collector's Edition, being a fan of the game, and most likely a copy from EB.


  1. I love how battlefield 3s turning out to be, actually made a post about it here.


  2. And yeah i know how sad origin is.

  3. Cheers for posting Rohan. Indeed BF3 is looking pretty good!


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