Where to buy Portal 2, Brink and Dungeon Siege III in Australia

Well I've just finished one playthrough of Dragon Age II so now I've played three games I can review. Still got a few more games to go though! Expect a Test Drive Unlimited 2 review in the near future.

In the meantime, I've been planning how to save some money for future purchases, namely Portal 2, Brink and Dungeon Siege III. For Australians, here are your options (from major sources):

Portal 2
  • EB (Cube Edition) = $88
  • GAME = $70
  • JB = $70
  • Steam = $50

As I'm not too fussed about getting a Rubik's Cube (you get one with the Cube Edition) or a boxed copy, I'm likely to go with Steam's offer.

  • EB (Steelbook Edition) = $88
  • GAME = $70
  • JB (Bandana Edition)= $90
  • Steam = $90

There are some tempting extras with the special editions but if you don't care too much about them, get the game off GAME. Steam in this instance is actually more expensive than the boxed alternatives. I'm likely to get the EB version though as thanks to some generous friends, I have a gift voucher :).

Dungeon Siege III
  • EB (Limited Edition) = $78
  • GAME = $80
  • JB = $90
  • Steam = $50

I apply the same reasoning to Dungeon Siege III as I do to Portal 2. Steam's offer is hard to beat - it makes economic sense (provided you don't mind having an online copy).


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