Choicest Games - Game of the Year 2010

Wow, is it March 2011 already? Wait, I'm feeling a sense of deja-vu... seems like I started off very similarly in my last Game of the Year post (well at least I'm consistent). I've finally got all the 2010 reviews out of the way (there were 12 this year if anyone wanted to know), so here we go again with the Choicest Game of the Year for 2011!

For 2010, the best scoring game here at Choicest games was:

Mass Effect 2

This year's Game of the Year has beaten both the scores of previous year winners, getting a whopping 9/10 (or 92% under the old scoring system). It was hard to fault the most recent sci-fi RPG from Bioware as it takes almost everything that is good from the first Mass Effect and improves upon it. True some of the new mini-games are just as tedious as driving the Mako around for endless hours (*cough* mining *cough*) but the great soundtrack, voice acting by Hollywood actors, improved graphics, streamlined gameplay and multiple paths you can take makes this one sci-fi RPG you don't want to miss.

This year, the runners up prize goes to:

Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 managed to also get a 9/10, but this is probably no surprise with Blizzard at the helm. They haven't really changed much with the original Starcraft formula, but why mess with an already successful formula that has got the entire country of South Korea playing it (okay maybe I'm exaggerating, 90% then)? Starcraft 2 comes with a very well polished multiplayer component but it's also got an entertaining storyline to boot with that Space Western feel we've all come to love.