Christmas Deals

Not long to go until Christmas folks. Sorry for the lack of posts, been quite busy again the past few weeks.

Anyway to those that haven't noticed, some websites are running advent calendar sales. i.e. they are offering different sales or offers each day on the lead-up to Christmas.

Firstly, are either making announcements or having contests on the lead-up to Christmas. So far they've announced a Christmas Carol contest where you can win 10 games, Serious Sam has a permanently reduced price, and Arcanum and Myst are now Windows 7 compatible. Note that they are stopping the announcements on the 14th December.

Secondly, GAME Australia are having sales on various items until December 25th. They appear to be online only deals. So far they've sold Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Guitar+Game packs for $90, International Cricket for PS3 for $50, Just Dance 2 for Wii for $40 and today's deal is World of Warcraft for $10.

Direct2Drive are also offering a sale until the end of 2010 where every fifth game bought on the site is free. So you have a 1 in 5 chance of securing a free game - not a bad deal.