Video Game Music in the media

I don't know if I'm the only sad sack to ever notice, but does anyone else ever notice clips of their favourite game music playing whenever they watch TV or listen to the radio? I don't even watch TV or listen to the radio much and even then I've managed to notice three separate occasions over the past few years where I've heard game music used... obviously the guys that create montages or ads are gamers and hope nobody would notice!

Exhibit #1 - Gulf War II montage = C&C Tiberian Sun

Yes the first time I heard game music used was actually for a montage on a TV news station after the Second Gulf War had broken out. The sombre, serious tone of the music actually fitted the montage quite well... although I didn't see any Mammoth Mk IIs amongst the footage...

Exhibit #2 - Action TV Series = Quake II

I vividly recall an Action series ad on TV showing some guys in Hawaiian shirts driving a speedboat, all played to Quake II's "Quad Damage"

Exhibit #3 - TV series 'Criminal Minds' radio ad = C&C: Generals

You heard right. Just yesterday I was tuned into morning commercial radio and sure enough there was yet another sampling of VGM made for an ad, for the TV series 'Criminal Minds'. It was none other than the C&C: Generals music by composer Bill Brown who incidentally does do music for TV as well, just not this particular series...

Anyone else heard clips of VGM in a non-video game setting?