Top 10 PC Gaming Heroes - #8 The Avatar (Ultima series)

I actually got introduced to the Ultima series quite late in the show, acquiring a free copy of Ultima 6 with the purchase of a new computer. In this longstanding series (9 games overall) you got to play as a hero to the world of Britannia known simply as The Avatar. The Avatar is intended to be the embodiment of several virtues, namely Honesty, Compassion, Valour, Justice, Sacrifice, Honour, Spirituality and Humility.

The Avatar is a traditional hero of old, a chivalrous knight that faithfully serves his regent, Lord British (although many players have tried to kill him in every iteration of the series). What I found interesting about the Avatar though, is that in our reality he is just an ordinary bloke, an everyman.

It's every teenage boy's fantasy I guess, to really be important, to be a hero instead of a helpless kid having no impact on this earth. Ultima takes this to the next level by suggesting there's a link between our world and Britannia, that one can traverse there through the use of Moongates (portals).

The fact that the Avatar becomes a traditional hero from humble beginnings makes him my #8 pick for PC Gaming Hero.


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