Top 10 PC Gaming Heroes - #5 Sly Boots (Anachronox)

And now we come to another guy who starts out as an anti-hero. Meet Sly Boots, a down on his luck P.I. of the future. What starts out as a quest to get himself out of debt ends up as a crazy romp around the galaxy with a bunch of ridiculous, unlikely allies (try a yammering old man, a depressed super-hero and a miniaturised planet!).

The reason Sly gets in at #5 is that he is an amalgamation of my favourite characters from movies. He's like a mixture of Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly (heck he even looks like him, check out the photo) and Indiana Jones. Cocky, resolute, foolish yet when his life depends on it, he will often surprise you.

Due to Anachronox being a rather obscure game, Sly Boots doesn't get as much of the limelight as he probably deserves - so here you go Sly, lets hope others can now appreciate your status as a PC gaming hero!


  1. The inclusion of Sly Boots in the "Top 10 PC Gaming Heroes" highlights the enduring charm and impact of his character, underscoring the nostalgic appeal and significant contributions of the game "Anachronox" to the gaming world.


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