Top 10 PC Gaming Heroes - #10 Devon Aidendale (Quest for Glory Series)

I thought it would be a good idea to kickstart some features, like the Top 10 of stuff - considering everybody likes a top 10 list right? ;D

Anyway, the recent release of Starcraft 2 has given me the inspiration for the very first top 10 list I'm going to do: Top 10 PC Gaming Heroes. The following are the gaming protagonists/heroes/anti-heroes that stick most in my mind when asked the question "Who are your top 10 PC Gaming Heroes?" Note that I include the caveat of "PC" since this is a PC gaming blog after all - so anyone who whines "but what about Mario?" or "what about Solid Snake?" will get a curt RTFM (where "M" means message in this case :))!

How could you talk about heroes in games without mentioning the hero from a game about heroes? I'm talking about the Quest for Glory series (the first game originally being called Hero's Quest but being changed later due to Sierra failing to trademark the name.)

Like a certain contemporary PC gaming hero, Gordon Freeman (which didn't make it on my list but was a close contender), Devon Aidendale is a silent protagonist and I think this helps with some of his charm since you don't need to worry about an annoyingly bad voice ruining your impression of him.

What I like best about the hero from Quest for Glory is his brash nature and the number of humourous deaths that he can succumb to (e.g. type "pick nose" in the first game and you'll see what I mean...). He also has a cocky Indiana Jones nature about him, often thinking he has the upper hand but things instead spectacularly backfire as a result.

Also since you have three classes to pick your hero from (four in later games), each hero has a slightly different approach in solving problems. Because of this when you're playing as the Warrior, you tend to use brawn over brains while the Mage has to use his knowledge of spells to overcome obstacles. The Thief tends to avoid conflict altogether and uses his thieving abilities to give him the upper hand. Not the most heroic behaviour you might say, but in the end, even the Thief, like the Warrior and Mage, ends up saving the day, just like a true hero should...