Starcraft 2 sells 3 million copies in first month

Awesome MS Paint skillz

Yep it seems like Stacraft 2 is selling like hotcakes, but I don't think there was any doubt it was going to be a huge cash cow for Blizzard, I mean you've already got 4.5 million guaranteed sales from South Korea anyway! ;) There have been 11 million copies of the original Starcraft sold, so expect it to at the very least reach that mark.

With the expansion packs coming down the track as well, that'll just triple the number of sales Blizzard will be getting!


  1. Oh noes... you've upgraded to using MS Paint instead of the MSN drawing stuff! :P

  2. Hahaha I don't know if it's an upgrade or a downgrade... I don't think MS Paint has anti-aliasing!


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