Good Old Games shutting down?

Anyone who has visited Good Old Games or recently would've noticed the above message. The message states that they are "closing down the service" and "putting the era behind [them] as a new challenge awaits." They also mentioned that they were putting "in place a solution to allow everyone to re-download their games".

At first there was a lot of specualation going around that perhaps was sued, worse that DRM-free games is probably not a profitable strategy after all, despite the popularity of the site.

However, it has been suggested by Kotaku that the message is in fact a marketing ploy (one in very poor taste I might add) and the Facebook group mentions that there will be an update on what is in store for the "new" GOG tomorrow.

Indeed if you re-read the message it does hint towards a new and better - hopefully they'll fix the broken game suggestions voting applet!

UPDATE (21/09/2010): A new message has been put up saying that everyone will know more from management on Wednesday. Apparently the site has been closed due to "business and technical reasons".

UPDATE (22/09/2010): GOG are apparently going to release an official statement later today. They also posted the above video on YouTube.