Good Old Games founders sorry to users

Good Old Games is dead. Long live Good Old Games!

This appears to be what has happened and as confirmed by many news sites including Kotaku. The closure of was a publicity stunt, a bit of a "joke" with the users.

Good Old Games founders have released a video on the Good Old Games website with them dressed up as monks, apologising to the users for any confusion about the fate of the website and saying that they have "sinned". They also wanted to clarify a couple of the more outrageous rumours: Firstly, Good Old Games would still remain DRM-Free since it is indeed the reason that distinguishes them from any other store. Secondly, GOG hadn't been bought out by another digital distribution company and that in fact they've earnt quite a bit of money for their "monastery".

I'm sure it'll be a relief to most users knowing that is still going to live on but the question is now, will the customers angered by this type of publicity stunt refuse to buy games from anymore? has promised four more videos later today.

UPDATE: In the following videos, have indicated the following key points:

  • Streamlined front page
  • A horizontal bar with information to help new users create accounts
  • New game mode filter when sorting through games (e.g. multiplayer)
  • Games that are part of series will now be indicated as such
  • GOG Mixes: Users can create "playlists" of game titles that fit a certain theme. These can then be judged by other users by votes. For example, you can have a "Most Successful Female Game Characters" Mix
  • The website is apparently 10x faster
  • Thanks to a deal being struck with Atari/Hasbro, will be releasing Baldur's Gate and the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion