Choicest Games is under construction!

Hi all,

If you've checked out the blog in the past 24 hours you've probably noticed that there are some changes going on. Well I thought the blog was due for a refit so I've got a few things in store, namely:

1. Changing the layout of the page to be more readable. This has mostly been completed
2. Incorporation of Pages so that I can rid of some information on the sidebar and move them to their own separate pages.
3. Potentially adding a forum so that readers have an avenue to post new topics besides simply commenting on blog posts
4. Adding a Cafepress store or something similar so people can support the page by buying neat stuff
5. I may even add competitions to win some games off but this will be the lowest priority...

So I'm hoping that you will like the changes, but in the meantime, some pages may appear half finished, and if this is the case, don't panic, that's to be expected!


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