Looking for the Mass Effect 2 Soundtrack and living in Australia?

Wanting to get the Mass Effect 2 Soundtrack but live in Australia? You may be tempted to buy it off iTunes except that would require you installing their software and having to put up with DRM (If you're like uncool me, you may not have an iPod so have never used or are unwilling to use the software). You can't get it on Amazon (the other recommended way) since it's only open to US residents. This is also the case with many other stores, not to mention a lot of stores don't stock game soundtracks.

So what is an Australian Mass Effect 2 fan meant to do? Well I managed to find a place that sells the soundtrack, for reasonably cheap (at least when I got it, $5USD) and it's DRM free. I got it off AmieStreet.

Check it out if you're interested - they also sell a lot of other EA Games soundtracks and even some tracks from the "Fatman" himself (responsible for the Wing Commander and The 7th Guest soundtracks, if any of you are old enough to remember those games).

EDIT (09/10/10): For anyone still reading this post, note that AmieStreet has unfortunately been bought over by Amazon. So no more DRM-free music for Aussie gamers :(