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Hi all,

Just bought a new netbook today, an Acer Aspire One 532h. It has some pretty modest system requirements so it isn't exactly the first thing you think of when you think "gaming system" but then again it's not meant to be. To give you an idea here are its specs:

- OS: Windows XP Home
- Processor: Intel N450 1.66GHz
- Screen: 10.1" LED LCD
- Video: GMA 950 (guessing)

However, you can't discount it as not being able to play games altogether. I intend to update the blog whenever I find games that work fine on it. From previous posts on this topic, it seems that pretty much any old game or casual/puzzle game should work on a netbook... makes sense since they usually have low system requirements (especially when it comes to graphics as the on-board graphics chip on netbooks isn't quite going to cut it).


  1. SMAC ran on my EEE PC before I removed XP :D though the UI took up half the screen space (1024x600)

  2. Yeah that's one problem I'm finding is the weird resolution. There aren't really any games that cater for it and if it's too recent might not look too good at all.

    You could probably give me some advice on netbooks Danno considering you seem to have more experience with me :).


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