Rise of the Pirate God Review

Here it is, the final episode of Tales of Monkey Island. Once again, it's advisable that you read the reviews for the previous episodes in order to appreciate the scores in this one. It also helps this review to be concise!

Sound (5/5)
Sound quality doesn't appear to be poor in this episode so it gets top marks thanks to some help from the usual high quality voice acting!

Music (4/5)
Once again no complaints with the music - it's as good as previous episodes - although it tends to be more ambient and not as imposing as in other episodes.

Rise of the Pirate God Gameplay Video

Graphics (4/5)
Not much change in the graphics score. It's pretty much the same as the previous episodes. Graphics are reasonably good, although some of the minor characters are obviously used with recycled models...

Plot (3/5)
Just like the episode before it, The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood, it's simply not as funny and has a much more serious tone (although there are still a few jokes here and there). There is a lot of backstabbinng of poor Guybrush in this episode which will leave you wondering if you can trust any character in the first place. The game's ending finishes rather suddenly too with little explanation of what actually happened in the time after defeating Le Chuck (okay a spoiler, but not much of one really... isn't the aim of every Monkey Island game to defeat Le Chuck? Okay maybe not the fourth one... but still...). It definitely smells of "sequel".

I didn't feel like there were as many puzzles in this episode as previous ones and there is actually a lot of running back and forth through portals to solve puzzles. They were relatively easy this time around though.

There is the return of the original insult sword fighting which will please the oldschool fans and you get to re-use some of the puzzles/mini-games from previous episodes - which on one hand is a nice touch, but on the other hand it also means the developers were perhaps lazy in developing any new puzzles for this episode!

Replayability (4/5)
Just like the other episodes, this game is about as replayable as adventure games get (without resorting to gimmicks like alternative endings and different classes - then you're entering RPG hybrid territory there :)).

Polish (4/5)
I didn't have any issues with this episode so it's about as polished as the first one.

Overall - 73%
A competent final episode in terms of execution but lacking much resolution which sets it up for a sequel.

If you want to get the game, you can purchase it online off Telltale Games.